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What to do, what to see? In Port Alberni, BC

Free classes at Literacy Alberni

Posted on Jul 19, 2012 in What to do, what to see? In Port Alberni, BC

Literacy Alberni Society has a new summer program.

Starting next Tuesday, the society will offer a free six-week cooking class for seniors. The class will teach participants how to eat healthy on a smart budget. The class will be based on a program that has been developed by the Canadian Diabetes Association.

“It is not about people with diabetes, it is about healthy food habits for preventing diabetes,” said Lesley Wright, Food Skills for Families facilitator.

It is the first time that Literacy Alberni will offer the program. Wright said she believes there is a need for it in the community.

“If you are not literate about food, then you may tend to eat something that is not the healthiest option,” she said.

“It really is about literacy – how to read a label on a product, how to deal with a vegetable that you have never chopped up and prepared before.”

For example, some people may only buy potatoes and carrots, because they know how to prepare and cook only those two vegetables.

During class, Wright will teach the group about food groups, whole foods and what foods contain. She will also answer participants’ specific questions.

“Every group has different concerns. Senior groups would have concerns about their health issues at that moment, anything that may be able to help them not put on weight, which happens when we get older, or help any medical problem they have through diet,” she said.

“I am not a nutritionist but some of these questions can be answered through a healthy diet.”

She also hopes that the topics covered in class will generate discussions between the participants.

“They at least have this group to talk and share resources with, so that they know where they might find their answers,” Wright said.

During the fifth class, Wright will bring the participants to a local supermarket to teach them how to navigate a modern supermarket and its tricky layout.

“It will be about learning where to find healthy food,” she said.

The class will also promote locally grown food by giving participants a $15 coupon to the Port Alberni Farmers’ Market every week.

The class will be on Tuesdays from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Alberni Literacy Society. The class will start on July 24 and end on Aug. 28. An

To register, please call Literacy Alberni at 250-723-7323. Space is limited and registration necessary, so register now.


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